Rainforest & Mountain Trekking

Go trekking to see beautiful waterfall

Phu Quoc is know for ita��s bountiful natural treasures. It is also referred to as the a�?Island of 99 mountainsa��. Plenty of waterfalls can be found, and the primitive rainforest,a�� All those make Phu Quoc island an ideal place for trekking.

Located in the preserved rain forest, Da Ngon waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall of Phu Quoc island and is ideally for making a hide away. You will find yourself in another world of heaven but on earth.

Phu Quoc rainforest
Phu Quoc rainforest

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You will be able to:

  • Trek the mountain
  • Discover the wild nature within the rain forest
  • Enjoy fresh water and have a massage with water flow
  • Enjoy the unique natural Jacuzzi

Rain Forest & Mountain Trekking

Be yourself to trek the most untouched rainforest, waterfalls and mountain. It is no where but Phu Quoc island has it all to fill your day out with an exploration to real wild nature.