Looking for adventure on Phu Quoc Island through a phuquoc tour or something that’s a little different, then checkout and try some of our suggestions below for an interesting day out. Let us know if you have any feedback or unusual or exciting activities you would like to add.

Motor bike riding

This may not sound like the most adventurous activity on the planet, though once you get out on those Phu Quoc red dirt roads and find those out of the way places on the island, you’ll understand why hiring a motorbike is an adventurous activity. We’re not trying to turn the island into a motor cross rally of course, it’s just probably the best and most interesting way of exploring Phu Quoc.

Of course you need to find the right places for adventure, so in the spirit of adventure it’s best to find your own. However to give you a start, some of the best off the beaten track places will be found on the up north, including:

  • Riding around Bai Dai Beach and Ganh Dau headlands in the top northwest and riding back through the national park area.
  • The even more remote Bai Thom Beach Area at the top of the island, with lots of sandy tracks leading to the beaches through cashew nut plantations.
  • Riding around the old bridges of Cua Can Village is an interesting experience, just watch out for on coming traffic.

Hiring your own boat

This is an island, and where there’s an island there’s fishing, and where’s there’s fishing there’s boats. So find yourself a keen fisherman and hire him and his boat for the day or a couple of hours wherever you are. Half the adventure is bargaining a price, the other half is exploring what’s out there, though no doubt the fisherman know some interesting places, otherwise, just go fishing! Here’s a few places that might do the trick;

  • An Thoi Town: you can’t really go wrong here, boats leave all the time to the islands down south, however why not hire you’re own, they come in all sizes so find one that suits you. Plenty of fisherman here that would be keen to take you for a spin.
  • Duong Dong: Another good place to try just because of the large number of fishing boats, its not as close to some of the small islands around Phu Quoc, so you might end up fishing, though viewing the Duong Dong river is another interesting alternative.
  • Cua Can: Plenty of fishing boats, however it might be possible to find someone to take you around the scenic river around town, and there’s a couple of small islands a little further north.
  • Vung Bau Beach is close to Turtle Island (Doi Moi) and you might be able to get across for a snorkel or a swim. The guy running the dive shop might be able to take you for a spin for a fee as well.

National Park walks

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There are a couple of basic walking tracks in the national park, however if you’re thinking of attempting any walk on your own through the thick jungle, please make sure you’re very prepared (tell someone where you’re going, take water, food etc). There are plans in the future for a walk to the highest point on the island at Mount Chua 603m with a viewpoint, though this is still someway off.

Of the National park walking tracks, one with the best access is found on the road to Ganh Dau Village (forest walk)

Jet skiing and water sports

Still new to Phu Quoc, though starting to appear are the usual variety of water sports including jet skiing, kayaking and wind sailing, with just a matter of time before water skiing takes off given the calm waters around the island during the high season. The best places to find these water sports include some of the resorts on Long Beach including Saigon Phu Quoc Resort and some Jet Skis and Kayaks are available on Bao Sao beach at My Lan Resort.

Squid fishing

May not sound too adventurous, though when was the last time you’ve been squid fishing at night? There’s plenty of tours on offer, so head out for an evening of squid fishing and if you’re lucky you’ll have your own self caught dinner grilled on the spot.

Explore local markets

You’re in Vietnam so what could be more fun than exploring the local Duong Dong Market early in the morning, see our Local Markets section for a little more information. For a few ideas;

  • Get off the main road into some of the sheds that sell fish, there’s any amazing array of seafood for sale, or
  • Walk down to the other end of the market and visit places few tourists venture, there’s more to town than the main roads, or
  • Checkout the variety of fruit and vegetables on offer, why not try a fruit you’ve never tried before, they could better than you think.

Find your own beach

Phu Quoc island is still undeveloped for the time being and even during the high session there are still plenty of remote and empty beaches. Of course it may take a little work trying to find these beaches, pack a lunch and towel, hit the road and venture out and see what you find. We’re not giving away any secret locations, though you’re best opportunities for empty sun drenched beaches under those coconut trees will be found around the northern part of the island.