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Phu Quoc beach
Phu Quoc beach

If you’re after a little adventure and don’t mind renting your own motorbike or taxi and prefer to avoid the tours, then the following suggested itineraries will give you a great chance to see the main sights around Phu Quoc Island on your own stream and at your own pace. We also provide some route maps below.

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Phu Quoc Island route map

Travel around Phu Quoc Island using the Touring Map with ease. Here’s our suggested itineraries of the main sights outside Duong Dong Town. Of course there’s plenty more to see along the way.

Phu Quoc beach
Phu Quoc beach

Northern Loop:

  • Pepper gardens
  • National Park
  • Ganh Dau & View Cambodia
  • Bai Dai Beach
  • Mong Tay & Doi Moi islands
  • Cua Can Village

Southern Loop:

Tranh stream
Tranh stream

Central Region:

  • Ham Ninh Fishing Village
  • Tranh Springs
  • Da Ban Stream
  • Pepper Gardens
  • Art & Craft Shops