Vietnam Travel Guidebook: Vietnam When To Go

An afternoon in Hanoi, northern Vietnam
An afternoon in Hanoi, northern Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia with the diverse and beautiful landscapes all year round. There is no reason to miss a chance to explore this beautiful country. If you are worrying about the differences of climate that are able to destroy your trip, please let’s check the information below:

A Vietnam sunny beach
A Vietnam sunny beach

Overview of Vietnam’s climate

In the last decade, most of the international people had just stereotyped Vietnam as a poor and remote country in Asia. Thanks to the efforts of the Vietnamese government and the success of Vietnam renovation, Vietnam has magically turned itself as one of the fastest developing countries in the world that change the face of Vietnam’s economy, society and along with the trend of economical development, Vietnam tourism is quickly improving the conditions of infrastructure and services, that attracts millions of international tourists to visit Vietnam each year.

When visiting Vietnam, many international tourists are wondering about when is the best time to travel in Vietnam and how the weather in Vietnam is. There is a fact that Vietnam is a tropical monsoon country. Hence, the climate varies from the north to south. While from October to April is the dry season in southern Vietnam, northern Vietnam goes through a cold and dry winter and wet spring with the drizzles. Within the basic pattern, there are marked differences according to the altitude and latitude.

Southern Vietnam

In southern Vietnam, the dry season lasts from December to the beginning of May, and it is also considered the best time to visit this region. In the rainy season from May to October, the rains often come to the late afternoon, the downpours can cause the floods and traffic jams on the streets in the southern cities. Daytime the temperatures rarely drop below 30 Celsius degree but also do not reach too high. The climate of the Central Highlands basically is similar to the southern region but the temperatures are cooler, especially in the region located at the altitude of over 1000 meters like Dalat, the weather is very comfortable with the cool weather all year round. In Mekong river delta, there is a special season that local people call “mua nuoc noi” or “ flooding season”, this is a wonderful time for local people to harvest the natural resources such as fishes, shrimps, etc.

Northern Vietnam

Compared to other regions in Vietnam, the climate of northern Vietnam has the most distinctive, there are four seasons in the years, whereas, the winter and summer are considered two main seasons, and spring and autumn are two sub-season which are the transfer time between summer and winter. Winter comes to northern Vietnam in December, and the coldest time in winter is between January and February. In the high mountain regions such as Sapa, Fansipan, etc, it has snowfall during this time. The summer in the north is from May to August, the temperature can reach 40 Celsius degree, the atmosphere is extremely hot and moist. This is also the season of the heavy rains and tropical storms although the storms here are often small and quickly disappeared.

An afternoon in Hanoi, northern Vietnam
An afternoon in Hanoi, northern Vietnam

Central Coast

Central Coast of Vietnam is a long and thin land connect the north and the south of Vietnam. The terrain of the region is almost mountains. The climate of Central Coast is divided into two regions with the border is Bach Ma mountain range (natural border of Hue and Danang). The climate in the northern Bach Ma is unpredictable with the hot and dry summer and the rainy and cold winter, while the southern part is warm and sunny all year round. The southern tip of the Central Coast of Vietnam is considered the driest land in the country with the short rainy season.

The best time to visit Vietnam

As you know above, the weather in Vietnam is split by region, so it is complicated to choose the best time to visit entire Vietnam in one time but nothing is impossible. It is completely possible to have a wonderful trip along the country, November to April is seen as the peak time to travel as this is when the whole country has the least amount of rain and the temperature is not too hot. Hence, if you want to see the best scenery in the single destination of the country, there are some periods of the year you would like to recommend to you; the best time to visit Halong Bay-the UNESCO World Heritage Site is from March to April, while the most beautiful time in Phong Nha-Ke Bang is between February and August, and the most gorgeous views you can see in the Mekong River Delta is from October to May.

With the information above, we hope that it is useful for you to have a great trip in Vietnam. If you need further information or need a tour to visit Vietnam, let’s contact us via Asia package travel website, we are willing to offer the best and most flexible tours  and services in Vietnam as well as Laos and Cambodia. Thank you!


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