3 days 2 nights in Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc island
Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc island is one of the most beautiful island in Vietnam. It’s famous for wild scenery and beautiful beaches

Day 1:A�Welcome airport/pierA�

  • Greeting Phu Quoc island.Transfer from (Airport/Pier)by car to Your hotel after check in, relax at your own pace.
  • Overnight at hotel
Phu Quoc airport
Phu Quoc airport

Day 2:A�Landscape on pearl island -A�Join group 9:00 am a�� 3:00 pm

  • Pearl Farm: a�?Experience the beauty and allure of pearls which across centuries and cultures have long been associated with wealth, royalty and glamoura�?. The place you can find out procedures of pearl production.
  • Phu Quoc prison (coconut prison): The History of the Revolution during the French Colonial era and the a�?American Wara�?.
  • Sao Beach: a�?Turquoise Water So Inviting, A Swim Is A Must. Walking on the White Sand & Leave Your Foot Prints Behinda��a�?.
  • Pagoda: Special stop at the Pagoda a�?Where couples can make a wish together for good lucka�?.
  • A�Tranh stream (waterfall for rain season only): A stroll along the shaded forest path you reach what is the islands largest string of waterfalls and rock pools, also a good place for a swim under falls are flowing.
  • Ham Ninh Fishing Village: where you will find a jetty that extends a couple hundred meters out to sea to allow for the shallow waters along the coast and village is predominantly involved in fishing that provide an excellent source of seafood.
  • Pepper Farm: a�?Visit local pepper garden & meet the family who introduce about the harvesting of pepper a�� that is use around the world in everyone kitchena�?.
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  • Fish Sauce Factory: a sauce type famous on the island with name “N?�a��c Ma??m” produced from fresh fish. a�?Fish Sauce in the marking – The essential spices to all Vietnamese Cusinesa�?.
  • Sim Wine: a�?Visit the brewer where Sim wine is produce from a gentle Rose Myrtle flower – when blossom turn into a fruit and produce into a winea�?.
  • Back to hotel: just in time to watch the sunset.
Beautiful scenery in Phu Quoc island
Beautiful scenery in Phu Quoc island

Day 3:A� Leisure day on your own a�� till time & transfer from hotel to airport/pier

End of tour!